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by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-21
Abstract: guangzhou many clothing manufacturers, clothing is one of the categories of leather gloves, so a lot of clothing factory need to cooperate with leather gloves manufacturer. Clothing and jewelry has always been a. Many different kinds of clothing, clothing is more, one of the categories is leather gloves. Different from cotton gloves, cloth gloves, leather gloves in addition to the functional ( Warm, comfortable) , but also associated with aristocratic temperament, it can be seen from the origin of leather gloves. Leather gloves originated in Europe, in the eleventh century or so AD in Norman ( NORMAN) Dynasty has developed rapidly, because at that time, genuine leather gloves became very popular clothing accessories, especially between the nobles and knights. Noble started wearing leather gloves as a sign of their class, or as a symbol of their power and wealth status, to prove that they are have power or wealth. The cold weather in Europe is more, leather gloves, used as a means of can keep warm in the cold weather, as early as in the European medieval time, started to become a fashion symbol or agent of the state. So, genuine leather gloves in European countries such as Britain and France symbolism and actual meaning mainly prominent reputation and status, control of power and wealth. To some extent, leather gloves and bag' target='_blank'>leather handbags, is one of the earliest represents the symbol of the rich class status. With the development of history, the function of the leather gloves not only warm, gradually much more professional functions. People make full use of the leather soft and breathable characteristics, made more models with the use of leather gloves. Such as all kinds of sports gloves, such as golf gloves, baseball gloves, leather gloves, etc. Also, such as all kinds of motorcycle gloves, Harley gloves, pole dancing gloves, etc. In the past two years, people is adding a touch screen material in leather gloves, making leather gloves, touch to make leather gloves more practical. May see from the kinds of leather gloves, leather gloves now has more practical function not only, also has the function of a lot of adornment, already occupy a position in the world of fashion. Guangzhou yao da leather has been to a lot of fashion and clothing brands to provide all kinds of leather gloves, welcome clients to visit our factory in need to know, to discuss business.
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