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You know - the importance of leather maintenance - Guangzhou yao da leather leather manufacturer in guangzhou

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-13
Abstract: every woman will have 2, 3, leather handbags, leather handbags, leather handbags, leather handbags for the importance of women is an eternal topic. In fact, investment in genuine leather handbags, leather handbags maybe is a good choice, compared with every season need to change clothes, shoes, a good leather handbags, leather handbags can apply four seasons, no matter you are fat or thin can come in handy. Not to mention good-looking style, good quality of leather handbags, leather handbags bring satisfaction. , however, is not you spent money to those nice quality and nice leather handbags, leather handbags to buy home do not have a thing, good things need to be better treated, need careful maintenance more, as much as possible so as to keep the good states of the leather handbags, leather handbags, make & other; Discard the & throughout; It comes a little later, more a little later, this can save a lot of money oh. How to maintain leather handbags, leather handbags specific? Different leather leather handbags, leather handbags with different maintenance methods. Then with guangzhou guangzhou yao da leather leather manufacturer to learn about the suede suede leather handbags, leather handbags, especially delicate, easy faded by the sun. Suede leather handbags, leather handbags don't contact with any kind of water, oil, Because water can make the leather harden, gasoline can make the real leather oil volatilization and dry) 。 Then you need to buy a goat's special brush, or with very soft toothbrush to clean. Paper towels and white rubber can also get rid of small stain marks of oh. Paint paint more durable than traditional cortex, but patent leather dyeing problems are troubling! Therefore, patent leather bags and handbags to avoid and anything fade easily put together, when it's not on a dust bag or pillowcase, or the color of the bag easy to mix with items around each other, and it is difficult to remove. Use vaseline and rubbing alcohol can be a bit, but the guangzhou leather factory guangzhou yao da leather don't suggest that we often use the cleaning it is best to special leather maintenance shop is better. Bright color leather handbags and handbags in direct sunlight will fade, so that need to be stored in an opaque closet. When cleaning, the dye on some of the bags and handbags may also fall. Have baby wipes or wet paper towels, which can be used to clean, but still need to be careful of friction, avoid rubbed out the color. With decorations with decorations of leather handbags, leather handbags in store, leather handbags, leather handbags above some crystal, hang fall, the part of the chain had better use towel wrapped up, avoid to scratch the surface of leather handbags, leather handbags. If it's hands are using genuine leather handbags, leather handbags, on the outside of the cosmetic products, such as when loading add a protection bags, leather bags, leather bags packed pen, ball pen, what also cover the lid, keep the internal clean, in order to avoid the broken lining. Don't plug in leather handbags, leather handbags is too full, too full can make genuine leather handbags, leather handbags. Out not to put leather handbags, leather handbags on the ground, walk also should pay attention to the corner. Temporary not back how leather handbags, leather handbags store have used genuine leather handbags, leather handbags store when must pay attention to the storage steps: a: empty inside leather handbags, leather handbags all items and remove dust. If it is very soft material, from inside to outside to turn it over, with the cleaning barrel cleaning. If it is a grain leather, inside with a wet tissue or soft wet towel to wipe gently. If you are using is natural, unprocessed leather, with dry paper towels easy dust removal. 2: genuine leather handbags, leather handbags is empty and clean, must fill something to keep the shape of the leather handbags, leather handbags. Suggest using some acid free tissue paper, small pillow or bubble film. Guangzhou leather factory guangzhou yao da leather remind dear friends, leather handbags, leather handbags, including zipper, all hardware accessories to wipe clean, so as to avoid them rust or lose its luster. Guangzhou guangzhou yao da leather leather manufacturer once again solemnly remind dear friends: buy leather handbags, leather handbags home must remember good good maintenance, such ability can let your favorite leather handbags, leather handbags with you longer oh ~! Guangzhou leather factory guangzhou yao da leather secretly tell dear friends so we can save money oh, hey.
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