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Yaoda Leather teaches you something about leather bags

Yaoda Leather teaches you something about leather bags


 Guangzhou Yaoda Co.,Ltd was found in 2010, we are one of China &  largest pu leather handbags manufacturers engaged in the production, research,development and marking of high class women boho bag,Ethnic style bag and handbag.

We provide OEM service and deal with our own brand Angedanlia are widely recognized and trust by users and can meet continuously changing and social needs.

 Four advantages of the company:

1.Fifteen years of bag production experience.

2.Exquisite design research and development team.

3.Excellent customer service awareness.

4.Strict quality control.

1.Ladies bag manufacturers teach you to distinguish between printed leather and embossed leather

According to the information learned by our ladies bag manufacturers, printed leather is a kind of recycled leather. Recycled leather has the characteristics of both genuine leather and PU, and is a very common leather fabric today. Like genuine leather, regenerated leather is hygroscopic and breathable. Good workmanship also has the same softness, elasticity, light texture, strong resistance to extreme high and low temperatures, and wear resistance.

Because the production process of recycled leather is more flexible and can be adjusted in real time, by increasing the amount of natural latex and changing the process formula, it can also make a variety of products with different hardness and strength to compensate for her own deficiencies. Its later surface treatment is similar to PU, and the reclaimed leather is also not only refurbished in color and texture on the surface, but also new products endlessly pass through. More importantly, her extremely competitive price is only one-tenth that of real leather, three times that of PU, which is very good value and cost-effective.

Embossed leather: It is a cowhide product that is pressed by a steel pattern to produce a variety of pattern effects. It is used by ladies bag manufacturers to make handbags, shoulder bags and so on. Embossed leather, generally referred to as embossed cowhide, is also known as embossed leather. Embossed leather includes embossed cowhide, embossed sheepskin and so on.

2.Leather goods customization teaches you how to distinguish two layers of cowhide

The second layer of cowhide is the second layer of cowhide cross-sectioned into two or even three layers. Later, it is covered with PVC and PU materials for re-bonding to make customized pu leather handbags. It is often used by leather manufacturers to make bags, wallets, and handbags. Such leather products are very high-grade. The appearance can be quite similar to that of the first layer of leather. It still maintains the characteristics of cowhide, but its durability and strength are higher than that of the first layer of cowhide.

Therefore, the most effective way to distinguish the first layer of cowhide from the second layer of cowhide is to observe the fiber density of the longitudinal section of the leather. Custom leather manufacturers tell you that only the bottom of the second layer of cowhide is leather, and the leather is PVC or PU. So it's easy to tell.

The application of two-layer cowhide in customized products such as bags and wallets is also very extensive. These styles are mainly faced with the mass market, and the prices are more friendly and grounded. The appearance of the leather bag made of good quality two-layer cowhide is almost the same as that of the first layer leather, and even better.

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