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Yao da OEM leather factory to teach you how to keep the wallet clean

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-08
Abstract: the wallet is used by people to store cash and all kinds of bank CARDS, to say the wallet is in charge of our financial power. So keep the wallet clean that must be ah, you think? Today we boast is up to you to teach you how to maintain the cleanness of the wallet. Step 1: plan to clean up your wallet on the same day every week. Any other work, clean your wallet will do it more often, if you set aside a special time to do. It does not become a big deal. You can clear out on Saturday morning, after you put the washing machine laundry load, or the day of rest during your time at work, Monday) In the morning. Whenever you decide to do so, your schedule, as far as possible consistent. Step 2: completely empty your wallet. Then shake hangs out any crumbs, hair or other small things, you don't want to hold your lipstick. If you have any remaining, brush with cotton wool or slightly wet towel to clean up any remaining fuzzy. Step 3: through the sorting of the project, your fall. You may find that you carry your purse, not add anything in addition to the weight. To get rid of any excess. You've been missing for a period of time, you can find some treasures. Step 4: consider items have you thrown or fold. You really need to do what projects around the handbag? Do you need your wallet, and of course, there may be some feminine products and putting on makeup. There may be some lotion? Some people like to carry a small notebook and a pen. If you have, have you ever used in a month, in your wallet, try leaving them behind. Fewer projects, purse, the easier it is to keep it clean and organized. Step 5: check your wallet. If it is leather, it needs a leather air conditioning applications? If it is, it has no stains? Used in leather, with a slightly damp cloth to wipe the dirty points, or use the leather cleaner. Cloth, try to wipe besmirch, wipe with a clean wet cloth. If this doesn't work, try adding a very mild detergent, laundry soap or as Zote a. Step 6: clean your wallet may inspire you to clean up your wallet. In the same general rules. If there has been a period of time, from your wallet all because of you, I assure you that you will find some unnecessary baggage, such as expired coupons or business CARDS, you do not remember. Whether you clean up your wallet this week, make sure you put your calendar, your wallet cleaning date for next week. Before this, it may be possible to get a large number of use, and a clean purse, will help you to feel like a woman.
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