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Yao da leather - - - The most intimate care for leather products

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-08
Abstract: whenever we recall it meet, will always be filled with joy, whenever recall appointment with it, always looking forward, whenever recall a day it around, and will always be full of happiness. 。 So to accompany us through countless social occasions bags how can not give it a little tender loving care? Because of the cowhide, sheepskin, pigskin protein is the main ingredient, so easy to be affected with damp be affected with damp, mildew and insect. Therefore, to use real leather bags, to avoid contact with oil, acid and alkaline substances. Real leather should be regularly sent to professional leather maintains a thorough cleaning and disinfection in the shop. In the process of using professional equipment and process of cleaning, join to mildew, sterilization of special agents, will be completely clear away all sorts of bacteria, mold, fundamentally to avoid the phenomenon of mold production. Clean and then keep it to maintain its original, extend the service life of wearing has important role. 2. Best often use real leather, and the commonly used albatross wipe brush. If you encounter rain be affected with damp be affected with damp or mildew, can use soft dry cloth to wipe the stain or mildew. But don't use water and gasoline inunction, because it makes the leather harden and gasoline can make the real leather oil volatilization and desiccation. Wet handbags handbags without any waterproof processing, please use soft cloth to wipe dry, in case the surface leave stains or watermark buckling. If used in rainy day, should pay special attention to. Leather leather goods collection to dry before, cannot insolate, hanging in Yin dare air dry place. In a long time to make the leather bag keep the colour and lustre is beautiful, avoid by all means insolate, fire, water, sharp collision and contact chemical solvents. Leather leather lose luster, available leather polish polishing, do not go to wipe brush with leather shoes oil, actually to leather polishing is not difficult, as long as the cloth dipped in polish on the leather and gently rub one or two times, generally as long as the last light every two or three years, was enough to keep the leather soft and glossy, and can prolong the service life. Leather leather goods need not when, best can hang up; Should put flat can also, of course, but surface, lest it be something else pressed flat corrugate, affect beautiful. Sanded skin wet water, avoid by all means should be in raw rubber brush and special supplies clean care, should not use shoe polish. On our beloved bag, we always keep pressure to it, it is also in the tireless support to us, so we who would have thought that when they are about to change garments according to give it a maintenance? So now let's look at how to care our love package!
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