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Yao da leather teach you fashion ladies wallet how to choose a woman about how to choose a suitable wallet

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-06
Abstract: the wallet as one of a woman's sweet little thing, and handbags are equally important. And compared with the handbag, wallet will more cheaper in price, so when you want to change the mood and style, can be easily done in a purse. And how to choose a suitable wallet, yao da today will share with you the tips about how to choose a purse. The purse on design generally divided into short and long. Give a person the sense of intellectual elegant long purse, but there is no enough on the portable type, when you want to change into a small handbag to go out, the volume of a long purse will become a big problem, and short a wallet size smaller, though not nearly as long wallet is very feminine, but also on the style of concise and agile. Short a wallet and long wallet is generally divided into twenty percent and three SheKuan. Generally speaking, the short section horizontal version of the twenty percent wallet is more suitable for men, women choose short a wallet, suggested that had better choose three SheKuan. Although thirty percent of the wallets increases a certain thickness, but from a practical point of view, wallet will be more than twenty percent the wallet out of 4 - thirty percent 6 screens, for credit card, bank card of big-spending women, screens more wallet is better choice. In addition, the wallet on the choice of the color also has exquisite, in general, the role of gold, silver and brown have fortune, and purple, red, will make you look good taste. Orange, pale green, bright yellow, give a person the youth lively feeling, black and white classic color gives a person the sense of elegance. 1, the wallet design for ladies wallet generally divided into long and short. Generally long the sense that gives a person is elegant and tasteful, brief paragraph will give a person a kind of spell able, heavy feeling. Purse when the choose and buy, should not be limited to a purse what brand is good, should pay attention to the style of wallet & ndash; — Simple, generous, elegant, practical, it can be said that only have a few advantages can be a nice wallet. 2, when asked about the identity ladies wallet what brand is good, you can immediately say hermes, Louis vuitton. But choosing a wallet should pay attention to the identity. Purse logo cannot too much, nor too small. Ordinary workers if take a special advanced new LV purse, although very gorgeous, but it wasn't the identity, so it is easy to be mistaken for replicas, or is likely to lead to his heart was not great. 3, powerful in aggregate short long purse than a wallet function to be more powerful. Long wallet has more screens and isolation, can separate different denomination notes neatly stored. To avoid the short a wallet is too heavy. Then may ask, what a purse what brand is good? Actually even more famous brand, does not have the basic practical function, are & other; Pendulum & throughout; Goods, see, so should not be too much importance to brand and ignoring the practical value. 4, color, now have a lot of brand purse is multifarious, but tell from the geomantic learn more fortune which color? Have you ever thought of this question? Have you ever used the poorer red wallet? I'm afraid you when choosing a purse is not confined to the ladies wallet what brand for this problem, in fact there will be a lot of important factors to consider. 5, material have a lot of brand purse now, although the design is novel, unique design, but is not necessarily a good material to use. We know that there are many purse relative to bag the number of opening and closing, it is easy to wear. If choose inferior brand purse, then in use after a period of time will appear stretched line, fracture phenomenon. So consider ms when buy wallet purse what brand it is important to have good, but would rather spend more money, also want to buy a classy leather wallet.
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