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Yao da leather of small and exquisite 'package' you go off-air satisfied

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-05
Abstract: for girls will dress, dress is definitely not just for the selection of clothing, bags and shoes also is worth taking seriously. Understands beauty by way of a passer-by YiBingDing are using action tells us that summer suits to choose small and exquisite style of bag, today we boast of leather finishing several suits summer to everyone back bags: 01 throughout the spring and summer are beautifully dressed, the clothes color is bright beautiful. If you think black bag will be a square peg in a round hole, it must be not care about printing on the bag, soft heart of lovely girl is invincible, the style of those recreational minus age can ornament is proper. 02 small bag have a small bag of magic, than a big bag to be given a natural, but decorate what change mobile phone keys, summer essentials go out is enough. Important is small bag modelling more ah, lovely owl sequins color soft ornament, there are a few girls can resist? 03 want calmly is simple. Mei red and white, the color is not complicated, the color ran out to a flower, and made outstanding local stereo modelling, small bag big world. Whether leisure or work, so that the parcel to a dozen cannot be overemphasized. 04 stereo flower is same, this one is given priority to with heavy and complicated,, there is no breakthrough in my design, the other side of the classic is common. But wins in the two sides can use, increase the likelihood of collocation. The role of the city life rhythm soon, to provide the more choice the more will be the more people like it. 05 zipper hovering like smack of yuppie, like a locomotive are being assimilated into intellectual and elegant style, each with a stubborn personality each change). Tassel ornament in light spirit is exquisite, the parcel of mind is excavated, the workplace commuting two not mistake, become a master of thumb up. 06 summer color always have many choices, the light is shining and low-key deep has room for play. If you always like leisure comfortable everyday, blue and yellow is a good choice. If you work atmosphere, red and black can give you very good ornament. 07 in comparison of black and white suit to the solemnity of the occasion, simple atmospheric town to a son. Spend enough attention in style, however, also can let black and white and enjoy leisure or sweet praise. Semicircle design, color contrast is still lively, much a few minutes hanhou nifty feeling. 08 hollow out feelings and summer often pose a well-matched couple, light spirit, clever, feeling of national wind with the dress. Beige atmosphere to rein in the colorful summer. From the dress changed to the clothing of the atmosphere, this bag is requisite.
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