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Yao da leather OEM new female bag

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-08
Abstract: yao da leather help clients ODM/OEM custom handbag before delivery, the customer finally quite satisfied customers. Above is yao da leather for customized handbag, simple and easy, nobleness, use the head layer cowhide material, bag is very soft handle, in the light of the dark red color is given priority to, with beige profile, buckle chain and mobile ring well use high-quality gold metal materials, below to see the inner bag. How, it looks not bad, wallet, cosmetic products, mobile phone, all the fit, enough is enough full. Look from outside to inside, there is no place flaws, most perfect production process. This handbag by yao da leather according to customer's requirements to help clients ODM design, OEM production, finished product shipped 2 months. The perfect product quality. Yao da leather using 18 years of professional experience in leather production, for each customer design ( ODM) Bags, concentrate on production, OEM) Bags, to win customers trust. If you are a bag agents or retailers, want to find bags OEM factory, or you are business owners want to customize gift bags for the company, and you want to do is taobao shop owner, individual sellers leather business, please contact yao for leather goods. The national service telephone: 020 - 29834308, address: guangzhou baiyun district red nanling village industrial zone, 18 five horizontal road, yao da leather are looking forward to your call, serve you wholeheartedly, welcome you to visit our factory guidance.
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