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Yao da leather factory what methods of handbags out of line, handbags steps out of line

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-06
Abstract: handbags out of line means the handbag in product design and development, hand out the paper and the computer out of line, etc. Handbags out handbag factory is professional term, and the pattern is a meaning of garment factory clothing. That is to say: handbags out designer according to the customer to provide drawings or physical version, put each of its components paper partition, this time is flat, and then according to the shape of the paper, will open good leather, again through the mesa and sewing process, can be made into a finished product that you want to bag. The first section, analysis of the overall structure of the handbags on the market, we see the handbags is various, complex form surrounds us. If you bring them comprehensive analysis, it is not difficult to found that most of handbags is a structural generality: front, after painting, tai wai; Tai wai, left, right, Front, back, base of the three basic composition elements. Some handbags, front by a few differences, all the raw materials of the merger, front also installed in front of the plane or three-dimensional bag; After the picture after installed; , tai wai, and separate scarf and zipper, tai wai, fitted with symmetrical two side pockets on both sides, according to consumer's use, in the above three basic parts of the component on the increase or decrease, make the whole of the handbag model change is such, complex patterns. But, no matter how complicated, we have handbags are difficult we are out of line. Complex handbags, only added to our revolutionary work, without increasing our revolutionary technology difficulty. Handbags change on modelling, the more hard the handbag on the common structure, as long as we can see clearly the handbag structure, is out of line for us to provide the premise. Handbags structure in common, is after we watched many handbags with the naked eye, through the summary, abstracting. If you are a wise man, you will also find that, the structure of the bag and the regularity of invisible to the naked eye, alone the circumference of the picture, the corresponding circumference equal to the total length; The perimeter of the base, and with its connection components of equal length. Any of a set of paper, if violating rules above, can supplement bags. Rival the structure of the bag, we will be according to the types of handbags, choose a lot of handbags, in practice lesson to tell. In the second quarter, handbags handbags component parts shape analysis ( After all the handbags constitute element component) The shape of the rectangle, square, triangle, trapezoid, prismatic, circular, elliptical, regular polygon, etc. Of these, we call it a regular shape; There are more than convex and concave shape. Several phase hybrid form of the shape, and other hard to naming shapes, we call it a irregular shape. In the shape of the rules for the component, or contact the math knowledge. Rectangle, need to measure the length and width, can its shape; A square with side length setting; Trapezoid above, under the base and height setting; Prismatic with two diagonal setting; Perfect circle with diameter or radius setting; The elliptical shaped with big, path. For those irregular graphics, the fourth chapter fourth quarter has been introduced, can coordinate the legal form, the shape of the handbag components despite a variety, but it also has the following characteristics: 1, the plane figure. 2, mostly axisymmetric graphics. What is the axisymmetric graphics? Fold a graphical along a straight line, if it can graphics overlap with a partner, then the graph is called axisymmetric graphics, this line is called the axis of symmetry. Handbag components due to its shape, mostly in the axisymmetric graphics, paper case, we only need half of the shape of the component, the other half can pass along the axis of symmetry can be folded in half to out. It's out of paper for us to save a lot of work and time. The third section, the out of order the handbag is out of order: first the nominative ( Also called standard) The second case (after, A's deputy) 。 What is a nominative? To determine other paper's shape or size of the paper called the nominative. What is the second case? Itself, the shape or size depends on the other paper, paper. A few times, merger, or shape, or length, and the shape of the nominative or size, has the certain relations. Generally handbags, picture is nominative, surround is the second case; After the picture is the front of the nominative; Bag picture is before the bag around the nominative; Side pockets are side pockets around the nominative. So, generally the handbag out of order is: after the picture, front, big body bottom scarf zipper, bag picture, before the bag, scarf, side bags picture, side pockets. Handbags out of this order, it is mentioned in the first section of this chapter by us handbags structure is determined.
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