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Yao da leather factory tell you luggage how to choose

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-07
Abstract: the man who often travel luggage is heart cannot little, how to choose the luggage, see yao da leather to introduce all kinds of material suitcase, PP, ABS, PC, PVC and other materials hard box and cloth, leather soft box, different features, different material for your reference. For a man who often travel, luggage is heart cannot little, in a wide variety of bags shop or online shop, how to pick the right suitcase? What kind of luggage is needed? Is a fashionable and elegant, durable and convenient? Presumably when you choose a suitcase, will learn to understand first luggage classification and material, and their different characteristics. Today, yao da leather introduce the suitcase for you. On market at present, the box is divided into soft and hard two large categories. Soft box use nylon cloth, Oxford, canvas, non-woven fabric, PU leather, cowhide, etc as main materials, its characteristic is light weight, flexible capacity, can plug is beyond the capacity of conventional luggage items, because of this, box because often be packed, stitches to snap bag breakage, water proofing property is poor. Hard box using PP, ABS, PC, PVC and other hard materials, is the opposite of soft box, its advantage is waterproof, high pressure resistance is strong, can protect the clothes the same knit, damage, the heavier than soft box. Soft box of various material leather, cloth, big often daily purchase will be contact with clothing, shoes, have a certain understanding, here is not introduced, we say hard box features of various kinds of materials. PP: hard, dense, compression, the box is heavy, the price is low. ABS: material light, flexibility, hardness, and can withstand larger impact, easy to scratch the PC: than ABS material strong many, is more expensive than the ABS. Smooth surface, good looking, the biggest characteristic is light, is now the most common market, the most popular hard box PVC: the biggest drawback is heavier, than ABS, PC case, smooth surface, good looking, and don't have to worry about transferring from scratch. Which good pull rod box, yao da leather advice to you is, if you want to travel, can choose a leather suitcase, fashionable, lightweight, easy to clean. If you do use store content box, box can choose ABS or PC material. If you are interested in leather order or have any questions, please click on contact us page on the right side of the online customer service, or call: 020 - 29834308 ( 24-hour customer service hotline) , yao da leather & ndash; — You close the way leather processing, custom adviser.
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