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Yao da leather factory on - Patent leather bag

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-06
Abstract: recently a lot of customers have to ask, what is the patent leather, choose what is the advantage of patent leather bag, yao da leather handbag manufacturers in guangzhou today to patent leather bag and you about it. Paint is a kind of processing technology, refers to drench lacquer on material such as leather or PU leather, its characteristic is colour and lustre is light, natural, waterproof, moistureproof, not changeful form, easy to clean with, etc. Paint: cow leather, is the first layer of cowhide. Paint feel is good, skin body is relatively soft, beautiful appearance, good, the price is higher, durable, made of product appearance and comfortable and unique taste. PU patent leather, synthetic leather, artificial leather. Its high gloss, beautiful appearance, good care, but feel is stiff, cheap, not wear-resisting, easily broken, with long likely to break, crack. Patent leather cowhide is processed. Wrinkle paint is widely used at present, its advantage is: feel is good, soft leather. Wrinkle paint in the process of leather making, make skin soft and drum, and then to drench lacquer, it bright as a mirror of the paint. Wrinkles such as broken lines, toughened glass skin body soft and do not break cowhide features, products made of comfortable and has a unique taste. Paint is a genuine leather or PU leather and so on to drench lacquer material processing technology, the material processing and become strong, colour and lustre is bright, natural leather, with the characteristics of waterproof and moistureproof, difficult deformation, easy to clean, paint is mostly used in our handbags, shoes, etc. , a few also use the furniture production. Traditionally, the paint is suitable for more formal occasions. For example, men's wear black tuxedo, always with black patent leather shoes. A classic style, color and grave patent leather handbags, don't get any occasion too casual ( Except for dinner party) 。 Is traditionally, paint is more suitable for spring and summer, is likely to be patent leather reminiscent of the cool and refreshing.
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