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Yao da leather factory introduce artificial leather several varieties

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-07
Abstract: the artificial leather since there have been dozens of years, the emergence of artificial leather largely improved people's life, at the guangzhou leather factory yao da leather factory to introduce the major varieties in artificial leather. More knowledge please enter guangzhou leather factory yao da leather factory's official website: WWW. bomkoo。 com. A, polyamide leatherette polyamide leather has better moisture permeability, hygroscopicity, and have a good look and feel, so often used to making box, bag, etc. Second, the polyurethane leather ammonia acyl varieties of leather was developed in the early '60 s. It is at the bottom base on wool to polyurethane solution for coating. This kind of artificial leather with a soft, wear-resisting, breathable, warm, feel is not affected by cold. Commonly used to make clothing and more advanced package, bag, and decorative items. Three, artifical leather of polyolefin in low density polyethylene as the main raw material, with rolling joint legal system. The leather has the characteristics of qualitative light, firm, smooth surface, usually used to make bag and bag. Four, PVC artificial leather and artificial leather and is divided into three kinds of products: 1, the common leatherette ordinary leather is also known as foamed PVC leather. Has the feel is hard and wear resistant properties. So mainly used to make wear bags, construction and industrial parts, etc. 2 foam, foam PVC leather leather is qualitative light, feel plump, soft features. Commonly used to make gloves, bags, bags, clothing and furniture. 3, suede leather. Suede leather commonly known as artificial suede. Its breed is various, according to the different production methods can produce are suitable for making the shoes in baotou, edge material or used to make bags and accessories.
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