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by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-07-05
Women handbags custom selection is what requirements? 吗? Is six o 'clock. 1, fabrics and material selection & ndash; — If the handbag is the purpose of showing beautiful textiles or fine leather, so it would be easier to remove the pockets, zipper, metal and other elements of the demand. These materials would make the damage of your package. The fabrics of canvas is one of my favorite handbag. It is much cheaper than leather, and it also can keep a long time. 2, lining & ndash; — Have some good bag design, there is no lining, but when I saw a bag without lining, I know this is a time saving. No lining bag becomes very bad. Lining to make the bag more useful, usually look good also. Tie a bag, in my opinion, is much easier than bound exposed seams. 3, pockets, pockets and lining are based. Many people will put the line in the pocket, because they have a few more steps. They need additional programs, cutting and sewing. If there is a zipper pocket, that need more time and materials. Having said that, in a bag with a pocket, especially for pocket with strategic significance, is more popular than no pocket bag. If there is no pocket a bag, a lot of people don't even regard it as an option. Bags do not need ten pockets or anything, but even two elaborate design, placement, and the size of the pocket, will also bring a bag to another level. 4, zippers & ndash; — A big bag does not necessarily need zipper to work properly, save a lot of manpower and material resources. I have found that consumers often want zipper, even if they always keep the zipper open. The choice of security closed packages to make it more valuable. Good zipper will let more highlight the grade of the bag. 5, adjustable shoulder strap & ndash; — Because even the cheapest package wal-mart and we also have adjustable shoulder straps, consumers will be looking forward to this function in a weekend travel bag. In your bag it is very easy to add adjustable shoulder straps. 6, decoration & ndash; — The adornment of the leather, the top of the suture, label, package, and the key chain, and some additional sidekicks. Most of the time, if the design work, decoration may make up the lack of pockets or zippers. Add some beautiful stitch faster than including zip pocket at the top. Looking for a way to integrate the special details is important. A carefully designed bag with enough detail to make it special, without the need for excessive on labor and materials.
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