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Woman is to the lady bags 5 big relationship with what?

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-07-20
We at the time of purchase anything, the factors to consider, are more, such as its color, and size, are likely to be, we need to consider the factors, bag is the same, so the woman is to the lady bags 5 relations with what? The following let female bag custom to tell us. 1. Lady bag in MM face: face round, facial features delicate little girls like cute lady handbags, highlighting the youth beautiful beautiful, how to compose ACTS the role of decoration; MM face stereo sense is strong, high cheekbones's face is so personalized style of ladies handbags are more popular. 2. Lady bags are to the MM MM height above 4125 px, total length of about 1500 px vertical dress into a magazine size ladies handbags advisable; Under 3950 px height, should choose the ladies handbags stretches approximately 1250 px, can cross dress into magazine size bag is beautiful. 3. Lady bag in MM looks: carriage reflects a girl's accomplishment, MM lady bags should be avoided while on the run before and after shaking the body; Ms laptop bag holding the arm, elbow natural waist line it is advisable to 90 degrees; No belt bags can sheets in his chest, arms, or along the length of the arms naturally in a location near the thigh! 4. Lady bags in color: color visual impact, the ladies handbags and dress collocation, pay attention to integral collocation fastens with color, about the relation of lady handbags and color in the mentioned about fashion handbag color those things have a detailed introduction of lady handbags and color collocation technique. 5. Lady handbags for life: as the growth of the age, life experience, MM choose lady handbags style and style is different, even with the MM has close relation with the quality of life. Above is small make up for everybody introduction about women are to the ladies handbags five relations have what, want to be the end of the small make up, to learn more knowledge about female package customization, welcome on this site.
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