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Woman handbag purchase skills

Woman handbag purchase skills


1, style: general brand lady's daily tote bag manufacturers has a special design team, style can always meet the trend of contemporary fashion, which is one of the reasons why the handbag is expensive, but the non-brand pu leather handbags factory does not have a special designer.

2. Workmanship: for example, there is no excess outside the folding of the side of the customized woman pu leather handbags, especially the inside of the bag, and there is no distortion in the sewing of the portable belt. The lining should be attached to the fabric, so that the internal space is clear at a glance.

3. Materials: leather is the best material. Most handbags are made of PU leather.The lining is made of synthetic fiber and canvas. The most important thing is not to be too soft.

4, accessories: good bag hardware accessories are very bright!Touch it with your hand, and the moisture will gradually disappear, and then return to light.Other ornaments, such as diamond inserts, are not strong and of the right color.

5. Weight: generally, the hardware of good bags is brass or copper, so the weight should be about the same. In general, the leather and hardware of low-grade goods are much lighter than those of genuine or genuine imitation bags.

6, packaging: you just look at the dust bag is ok, generally good handbags of dust bag quality, the pros take the goods before opening the packaging to see the dust bag basically know what goods.

7, version: such as: arc, sharp Angle, clamshell, symmetrical parts, three-dimensional parts of the modeling, dart, and so on.In addition, observe the coordination degree of these parts and the whole bag. The better the overall feeling, the better the shape.

8. Smell: inferior leather has A pungent and unpleasant smell of pu leather. In addition, A lot of glue is used in the production of bags.

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