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Where to Find Good Deals on a Leather Holdall

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-04-19
A nice leather holdall is one of the most versatile bags or piece of luggage you should own. The good news about these types of bags is that they are fairly easy to find in an array of places, and not just official retailers. The two most common types of leather holdall sold are the duffle bag style and the 'oversized purse' style. In this article, we will look at some of the best places to find a nice leather holdall. In the online space, there is no shortage of etailers selling leather holdalls. While you are most likely to get the best deal on a bag online, the main drawback is you will not be able to touch and feel the bag before purchase. Because of this, it's important to know the dimensions, weight, and other notable characteristics before buying on the internet. If you are looking to simply get a great deal, we suggest you start at closeout merchants or large etailers with an online clearance or sale section. is a great place to start. Next, check out larger retailer's clearance areas like Macy's Online. Also go to the juggernauts such as (you may get lucky on a gold box deal) or . Finally, one place to really consider is eBay - a used, but well cared for leather holdall will still last a very long time and you can get it at online auction for a fraction of the cost! It is hit or miss on eBay in terms of selection, but definitely a great place to score a bargain. In terms of real world merchants, you still have quite a few options. We actually recommend buying live so you can check out the bag and leather quality first. The exception is if you can find the exact same model online for a much cheaper cost (consider shipping and tax). For a good quality leather holdall, if you're lucky enough to be near a Nordstrom Rack or Off Zaks Fifth Avenue, start there. They will carry higher end bags at a good discount compared to the official retail price. If you don't care as much about luxury/brand, try discount chains such as TJMaxx or Marshalls. It is also hit or miss there and you really have to inspect the leather quality. Finally, like our online eBay recommendation, you can sometimes find gems at consignment shops and estate sales. Again, look at how well the bag was cared for - even a slightly worn bag can be revitalized with a nice leather conditioner and give you years of use. To summarize, you should not have issues finding leather holdalls available in both the virtual and real world retailer spaces. Hopefully we have provide a few ideas you were not considering beforehand.
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