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Where do OEM leather factory in China?

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-21
Abstract: as is known to all, China's leather industry to develop rapidly in recent years, leather manufacturers are mainly concentrated in guangdong and zhejiang, among them, especially in guangdong is the most developed, belonging to the baiyun district, guangzhou city, guangdong province, is China's largest production base of leather industry. Since China's reform and opening up, the guangzhou baiyun district relying on the unique geographical advantage, become China's leader in the high-end leather processing, due to the abundant funds in guangzhou region, traffic developed, raw materials and hardware suppliers gathered, greatly enhance the generation of labor efficiency of guangzhou leather factory, so all over the country and the world famous brands of handbags processing also prefer the guangzhou leather goods manufacturers. Baiyun district of guangzhou city golden harvest, and both, qing lake, changhong and other places, is the most intense in baiyun district of high-end leather goods generation of work area, in this case, almost every street can see the leather factory, if you are interested to find contract home to do leather, might as well come to visit here, will let you view and quickly improve leather professional knowledge. Street guangzhou leather factory is located in guangzhou baiyun district golden guangzhou yao da leather co. , LTD. , 22 years focus on luxury leather goods, set design, development, production, sales and after-sales service in one, with enthusiasm service, reasonable price, select material accuracy, the manual to the United States, the efficiency of delivery, perfect after-sales and enjoys a good reputation at home and abroad, is the world's many brand leather goods specified OEM/OEM/OEM factory, have intention to find customers OEM leather factory, may wish to visit the public praise good yao da factory, after all, practice is the sole criterion for testing truth, and I believe that there will be sure to make you love at first sight.
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