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What type of men's handbags guangzhou leather factory yao da leather factory was invited to discuss

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-14
Abstract: guangzhou leather factory yao da leather factory ( OEM OEM/ODM) Is a 18 years leather products OEM production veteran manufacturers, with a number of well-known brands such as manusacture, swift horse, BMW and other cooperation. Yao da leather factory has more than ten years for men's handbags - The handbag) OEM OEM experience, there are also many times to well-known brand customers custom men's handbags. Yao dyne high quality, fast one step out of the sample rate, excellent service and well received by many customers. Handbags, perhaps everybody first reaction, the handbag is a special ms products, as for men, you can't have, actually otherwise, because the handbag is not only a general sense of the bag, and it also shows the character, occupation, and even a status symbol. Compared with the fashion, fine men's handbags popular cycle is longer, is this kind of long cycle factors, so he asked man when choosing a handbag more to grasp the fashion trend, make hand distribution, identity match with their clothes. A, elegant elegant men's handbags is a medium to large general modelling, material was mainly used for leather in a variety of processing level, this kind of men's handbags - Men's handbags) There is a significant feature is the adornment of the buckles. Metallic buckles more chic modelling makes handbags, at the same time this kind of handbags usually with black, bordeaux, coffee, red dot and elegant colors. Has long been white-collar class. Second, elegant luxury handbags is suitable for graceful gentleman, crocodile, lizard skin color, and even ostrich leather material is the men's handbags - Bag) The best choice. Will this handbag in unique aristocratic, modest man bags, to match with annular handle and trapezoidal shape, delicate and beautiful. Three, sexy sexy men's handbags - Bag) Generally is the denim, sanded, canvas and soft skin sewing men's casual bags style is given priority to, this type of men handbags have basket type, backpack type. And the men's handbags - The handbag) Modelling is full, natural posture handsome feeling to the person. Four, sports sports men's handbags - The handbag) Inspiration comes from professional athletes, bag style, the men of this type handbag is scaling down almost the size of the sports bag. But its special bright-coloured color, such as red and white, black and white collocation of style. Use the fabrics such as nylon, waterproof cloth, modelling is deft. Are generally rounded rectangle with spaghetti straps, spell with eye-catching sports LOGO on the front.
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