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What should Consider To Buy Canvas Tote Bags?

What should Consider To Buy Canvas Tote Bags?


When you going outside, do you realize what are missing?

When you going to class, do you need something to carry your laptop and notebooks?

When you going to picnic with family, do you think you would feel more convenience if you could have something to bring the food and stuff with you?

We believe your answer would be ‘of course’.

Choosing a suitable sling bag can improve your quality of life to a certain extent.

Nowadays, many people choose canvas bags for environmental protection and inexpensive purpose.

So when you choose to buy a canvas tote bag, what do you need to consider?

Materials of canvas bags

For materials, in addition to your personal preference for fabrics, you may also consider the weight that the tote bag need to afford.

Generally speaking, all bags can bear 10 pounds.

The canvas bag is made of a kind of strong, tightly woven fabric, so it can bear more weight than the general bags.

Cotton Canvas Tote Bags – Nowadays, this kind of tote bags is the strongest and most durable bags among all the cotton bags in the market.

Normally, bags are made from cotton fabrics heavier than 10oz is considered cotton canvas material.

Oz is a basic unit to measure the thickness of the fabrics.

The most durable canvas material is typically used as boat tote bags, making them the most durable bags.

The thicker cottons are, the firmer and harder the materials will be felt to the touch.

The boat tote bags usually can stand on their own and do not droop.

Therefore, they are considered as canvas materials and more importantly, the strongest among all the cotton options.

Of course, high quality comes with price, it also makes these fashion handbags the more expensive as well.

Thickness and size of bags

The grade of canvas bag can be measured by GSM Oz, and the thicker means that the fabric is firmer and more tenacious.

Normally, we count the thickness of fabrics as 4oz, 5oz … even to 20oz.

The materials that you choose depends on purpose of having a bags.

People usually purchase and customize some thinner cheap tote bags as an advertising when they have a business promotion, show or activity.

One the other hand, the thicker canvas tote bags are typically used in your daily life, especially when you need to carry heavy things.

For example, they may be straw beach tote, shopping bags, business bags and office bags.

At the same time, the thicker the canvas totes are the heavier weight they would be.

For every oz, the bags would have 28.3g weight.

Therefore, for example, if a company order some customized canvas tote bags for promotion purpose in 4 or 5oz, then average weight of those bags would between 113.2g to 141.5g with a little random errors.

So, knowing what do you need and set up a standard is the first step to consider when you want to buy canvas bags.

Bag styles

The size of the handle will depend on how you want the bag to be help.

Longer handles, normally over 26 inches will allow you to hold the bag by your side as well as over your shoulder.

This provides the most flexibility for the user.

However, if the handles are 28 inches long and the height of the bag exceeds 20 inches a person not much taller than five feet may not be able to hold the bag by the handles by their side without the bottom of the bag hitting the floor.

This may be more detail than you want to think about but it’s here to consider.

Outside Pocket – You may want the bag to have an outside pocket for quick access to get business cards or sell sheets.

You may also want a small outside pocket to keep a water bottle or cell phone.


There are a wide selection of tote bags that close at the top of the bag.

You can consider a zippered, snap or Velcro closure as well.

This may be important or helpful if the user can secure the items inside the bag.

Keep in mind that the goal is to have your tote bag with your logo being used on a regular basis to promote your brand so you want to have the right features to add value to the tote bag.

shopping bags-closure

Imprint Area

As with all promotional products you want to have the largest imprint area possible.

It goes without saying that the larger the tote bag the larger the imprint area.

However, some outside pockets or design elements may decrease the size of the imprint area.

There is no simple rule here, but you will need to weigh the benefit of a stylish looking bag with a smaller imprint area versus a plain bag and a larger imprint area.

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