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What is fashion handbag made three taboos?

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-06-18
Because exists in the market is with more products, is now with more and better technology is can go to the airport, in the heart of the production has a variety of products is a more important role, now is a more mature technology is making the product can go for production, with the existence of a variety of products is to make people's life and work is more convenient, because with the existence of a variety of products, is to make people's life and work can be avoided a variety of problems, the product has the advantage of get a better security. With a variety of products is exists in the market, then makes the market can be more different appearance. Handbag is a more time is going to apply to the female bag is with a variety of types of thought, female bag products are now have more consumers may choose to get it. Are different under the different trend of female bag products is appear, to say the following to about fashion female package. No-no 1: never will fashion female package customized after package put them with the corrosion resistance of cosmetics products. No-no 2: fashion female package customized packages must not with jeans or friction between other easy to rub off the clothes, otherwise it will cause the phenomenon of dyeing. Avoid 3: customized fashion female package will be equipped with metal parts, metal parts must not touch water, such as beverage and wine these pigment serious drinks must be far away from the bag. If for fashion female bag order is more want to know, please consult the WWW. yaxiapiju1688. com。
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