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What are female bag custom material? The female bag custom method is what

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-07-16
Bag is in is very popular now, why say so, the first is because the application would be more bags in women, after all, we go out, or travel, different area, different locations, the collocation of the clothes is different, so bag colors, styles are different, we are now seeing some bloggers, or a star at the time of travel, different bag every time, so bag is also very popular in now, though the application, but do you know female bag custom material what? ( 1) The mavs pipi archery target female package: cortical surface pore exquisite softness is smooth, elastic, belongs to a good leather, leather grain clarity, feel is smooth. ( 2) Soft leather handbag: this leather has been after polishing and waxing, leather is soft and strong, not easy to fold, permeability is strong, usually used for processing custom middle-grade female bag. ( 3) Frosted outermost layer of skin female package: leather pores on the surface of the polishing makes leather soft, smooth surface, cortex containing oil, not easy to mildew to change, not easy to produce bacteria, durable, not easy to deformation. ( 4) Sheep's handbag: coriaceous softness, permeability is strong, because of the characteristic of the sheepskin is different from other cortex, cannot use brightener coated or female bag, lest destroy cortex structure. ( 5) Second floor leather handbag processing custom: second floor leather have been cutting piece, below leather has to cover processing factory with PU paint, second only to the first layer of leather high-grade materials. ( 6) First layer leather handbag: feel soft fiber, strength, elasticity and permeability is wonderful, because of its fine materials, avoid the scars and wrinkles more parts, so this made of leather.
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