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Valentino Gets a Colorful Bride Bouquet on Its

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-05-01
The huge luxury fashion party is held several times a year, for we get the spring summer season, the fall winter season, the cruise collection and others like pre-collection, and each time every design house is trying to marry their most outstanding item to a big person like a superstar or celebrity. Guess this season who managed to grasp the bride bouquet? It is Valentino, the usually pretty cool Valentine wearing the colorful bouquet on its classic large leather bag. It is very brave. When I was about to comment on this bag, a pass-by workmate took a glimpse of it and screamed. The overly floral decorated black or white Valentino bag is already too much for him to accept, not to mention the spring colorful one. You should take a look of this one. It gets flower application logos in bright yellow, bold red, milky grey, solemn black and soft pink. I can't believe my eyes that it actually mixed all those colors up in a single bag. I regard it as kind of humiliation to the classic large leather bag that measures 40cm long, 19cm deep and 31cm high and the normal graceful color actually take it almost any occasions, leisure or formal. But now it would be much better to go to carnival or field expedition. Its 100% lambskin and Nappa leather, magnetic closure, internal pockets and optional shoulder strap was decided to make it a multi-functional carryall. What a pity. You won't believe that it still asks for about $2,690.00.
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