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Three major needs for gift backpack customization

Three major needs for gift backpack customization


Are there many things you need to pay attention to when customizing your gift backpack? After all, the gift backpack is a gift to be sent out, because the quality of the quality directly affects its own image and should not be careless. Yaoda Leather will give you a brief overview of the three important items for leather bag customization

1. Customized styles

There are many styles that can be used as gift bags, and the styles of bags suitable for different occasions are different. Therefore, before customizing china genuine leather bag, you must be clear about your purpose and choose the appropriate style according to the applicable occasion.

Custom leather bags, do you know how to choose the color?

Custom-made leather handbags are popular throughout the year, but how to choose the color, then how should we determine the color of the leather bags when we choose the customized leather bags? Many companies will customize the leather goods, first determine the color of the customized leather bags Does the theme you want to express, or the corporate logo have a dominant color? The leather color selected in this way is the appropriate color. If there are no restrictions on these conditions, then what color should be selected for leather goods? 

(1) According to the comparison of sun protection index

When choosing leather bags for customization, we need to determine the usage scenarios of leather bags. If leather products are mainly used in outdoor activities and outdoor publicity, we should choose light-colored leather products such as white leather products, because white can reflect sunlight very well. It can guarantee us a cool experience in outdoor activities. Whether it is physical or visual, it is a relatively cool feeling. Dark leather goods are very heat-absorbing. Generally speaking, dark colors are not the main color in outdoor activities in summer.

(2) Comparison of appearance impression

Dark leather goods will be more formal than light leather goods, and light leather goods will give a youthful and sunny feeling. First of all, when customizing leather goods, you can also choose according to customer preferences, which is also very important.

Regarding the choice of color, the color can be selected according to individual requirements. In different occasions, the color must be selected relatively, and the company can also match the color according to the company's culture.

2. Budget positioning needs

For gift box customization, you can first determine a price category according to your own needs, and then choose the appropriate style and material in this price category, which is more targeted and can save a lot of time and energy.

3. Performance positioning

Performance is related to the functional design of luggage styles, this is a choice that needs to be made according to its own needs. Therefore, when choosing a manufacturer's custom luggage, be sure to understand the characteristics of the luggage you need.

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