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Three different material lady handbags nursing method

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-08-09
The bag that we back every day, have you ever care about it? Presumably, everyone is not on a regular basis for nursing, or have certain effect, can repair some of the flaws, keeping its quality as good as the original, different material bags, the nursing methods of it is not the same, before we care, to know what material is the bag, then three different material what is the nursing method of lady bag, let fashion handbag custom-made below small make up to talk about for us. 1, black light leather cowhide material lady handbags care: do not use this kind of lady bags under high temperature, sunlight, of course, also do not put in under low temperature below 5 c, in order to avoid some kind of lady bags surface protective layer fracture, rigid for some high-end ms bright leather bag surface regularly don't use light agent such as nursing care, need special care. 2, fold leather ladies handbags care: knit with neutral resin paint most of ladies handbags fabric material, easy to rub off, not easy suction surface at the same time. Normally, this kind of lady bags, we can use wet cloth clean cotton to wipe clean. Care: 3 ms, shadow sheepskin bag ladies handbags available of this kind of fabric we often use colorless shoe cream can wipe on a regular basis. 4, serpentine lady handbags leather fabric care: ladies handbags usually adopt of this kind of fabric printing, lamination process, then paint embossing. Usually care available shoes and leather brightener maintenance, prevent cirrhosis. Above is about three different material lady handbags the nursing method of introduction, hope to be able to help you, more details please consult fashion female package.
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