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This article, the processing customized bag before you have to brush up on it

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-03
With the diversified development of the network marketing development, more and more people choose to find what you need on the Internet. Stores began to decline, the handbag OEM industry is no exception. Some processing custom handbag manufacturers began to rise on the network, leather processing customized handbags online merchants are more and more. This time cause a series of problems, many customers will often asked a question: & other; I want to be a processing two bags? ” This time there was a very contradictory problem. One can do and cannot do? Is this why? Every handbag factory has its own master playing board, and each board teacher salary is also very high. When you need to order two bags, might be alarmed by the high board fees, such as two packages will be several hundred yuan, the first sheet's teacher is need to spend a few days time to make a sample, this is the first you can see the cost. And if the custom two or three bags and customize a bag of working procedure is the same. And every working procedure is relative to the staff, the processing two or three bags also needs all staff through the process again. This is also increase the cost. Three is the material purchase, also need time and transportation costs. Some people may ask why so expensive processing custom sample. Because these are calculating the cost of manpower. If you need to order in bulk. We don't charge fee these samples. For contribution to so many bags, and cost less. So, I suggest you here. When you want to customize one or two yourself when you use the bag, you will be prepared for high processing fee. If you are a need of processing of a batch of bag, you can rest assured. Our processing cost will surely make you satisfied. Also according to your requirements. Go to great lengths to processing customized for you out of your favorite bags.
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