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There is no real figure, can find guangzhou leather factory custom-made leather

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-16
Abstract: over the years, guangzhou yao da leather factory received one of the problems of many customers, is the only picture can proofing? The answer is yes, yao da leather customization, leather leather factory strength OEM, give you the most satisfied with the sample. Full of beautiful things in the market nowadays, all kinds of leather goods, though each have different styles, but the work is the same, a lot of customers see like leather gift custom, so want to add some new popular elements on the template and the avant-garde novel design, so as to achieve a satisfactory design. So many clients in the absence of physical, to give some of our designs, or the details of the model figure, we will give to the houses first out of paper, then make the samples. Guangzhou yao da leather factory 23 years experience playing board system board, the improved experience countless times to leather foundry to avoid a lot of detours, thereby saving a lot of time and cost, so as to ensure the delivery time of the big goods. Leather factory give samples, of course, is not custom is correct sample at a time. Sometimes, still need to have a real machine debugging, do fine, send to the customer after debugging, after signing back to the samples. If samples need to be modified, the modified also need to send confirmation to the customer sign back. Sample confirmed, is the product of on-line production, the finished product packing and shipping. In terms of price of the product, is to look at the leather customized design and structure, is the product process and complexity. In addition, the product of the parts, require different, such as hardware, straps, will give different prices. Power handbag OEM OEM, male package, yao da leather factory in guangzhou are looking forward to your samples and drawings. 800 x600正常0 7。 0 2假假假EN - 8磅 美国古银 CN X - 没有MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 / *样式定义* /表。 MsoNormalTable{ 美索- 风格—— Name: ordinary form; 美索- tstyle - rowband - 大小:0; 美索- tstyle - colband - 大小:0; 美索- 风格—— noshow:是的; 美索- 风格—— 优先级:99; 美索- 风格—— parent:''; 美索- 填充, alt:0cm 5. 4 pt 0 5厘米。 4pt; 美索- para- 保证金:0厘米; 美索- para- 保证金, 底部:。 0001pt; 美索- 分页:寡妇- 孤儿; font- 大小:10。 0pt; font- 家庭:“Times New Roman”、“衬”; }
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