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The work of cleaning the single shoulder bag to use what kind of products?

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-07-23
When we buy beloved bag back, will more care, but in how to care for, or there will be some flaws, or scratches, or get some stains, this time, we are going to clean it, single shoulder bag is the same, so the work of cleaning the single shoulder bag to use what kind of products? Let the female bag custom below small make up details for us. 1. Protein liquid decontamination method: with a clean soft cloth dipped in protein liquid to wipe, such can decontamination, and can make leather glossy surface, but also will not damage the leather. General protein liquid in the large supermarkets can buy, if you are not in the home also can be substituted for egg qing dynasty. 2. Vaseline decontamination method: first gently with wet cloth to wipe, and then coated with a layer of vaseline, repeatedly with a soft cloth to wipe again, so that the surface of the bag can if brightness is new. 3. Dip in with towel slowly brush, toothpaste or use wind and fresh banana skin to clean, can be in leather is not obvious place to try first, effect is good. 4. Leather bag is the most afraid of the water to harden and damp leather scratch, accidentally let your bags or bubble water contamination, the first time as soon as possible after use toilet paper or towel dry blow dry at low temperature. Above is small make up to introduce about the work of cleaning the single shoulder bag to use what kind of products, hope to the end of the small make up, to learn more knowledge about female package customization, welcome on this site.
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