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The temperature is below zero! Custom-made PU bags and hard? Guangzhou leather factory action

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-15
Guangzhou leather factory yao da leather to tell you that PU can harden in the winter, so easy to crack, but did not think or artificial leather shoes and clothes can't wear out. PU characteristic is flexibility, generally the day is cold will be harder than the air temperature is high, but does not affect the use, also is to see the raw material, good raw materials to produce the PU bag, temperature difference between rival had little effect. If dear buyers are using the common materials of PU leather, suggested that under the condition of freezing in the winter here go out as far as possible not to use, if must carry out, often put some Suggestions in PU leather surface maintenance of oil, so that we can to protect the PU, but also should avoid stay too long in low temperature environment. PU is essentially a kind of rubber, so under the condition of low temperature will certainly be made hard, brittle. That would require buyers to wash bag finished don't outside to dry in winter, the cold weather will greatly reduce the service life of PU products, leather and hard, poor quality of the PU leather will even have crack. Yao guangzhou handbag manufacturer for 23 years experience in leather production leather bag, in leather gift custom, bags have experiences in OEM, also have their own on the selection of leather years groping way, the same price, yao da leather leather factory to find more cost-effective, for the sake of customers, to provide customers with one-stop service.
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