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The rainy season beloved bag got wet? Yao da leather OEM co-packer fix it for you

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-01
Abstract: bag in real life has become the essentials of travel every woman, we meet their handbags have got wet in the rain we yao da leather believe that a lot of this kind of situation. That if there are any beloved bag was wet in the rain? Handbags was wet from the rain and how to deal with? Have yao da OEM leather design talent in the bag have got wet in the rain if you don't have to worry too much! 1. First look at your bag use is what material, if your bag is real leather with waterproof performance generally; If your bags are leather materials also have certain water proofing property; If your bags are canvas, water proofing property is not very ideal for leather bags have got wet in the rain, yao da OEM leather design talent remind you first with good water imbibition and soft towel dry, to air dry or use the hair dryer with the cold wind blow dry, then yao da OEM leather design talent to remind you that you don't ignore or impatience is cool forcibly wipe the stains, or is likely to make your bags fade, serious when even will make leather bag surface is difficult to save the damage oh, be sure to keep in mind is unfavorable take bags to sun exposure. For canvas bags have got wet in the rain, yao da OEM leather design talent to remind you to use dry towel to dry, water to the sun to dry or dry with blower. The article from http://bomkoo. com( Yao da leather OEM generation of processing plant) Reprint please indicate the source. Yao da leather leather processing, and nursing experts around you!
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