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The primary choice of current mainstream gift leather gift

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-12
Abstract: people used to send gifts, like to send all kinds of supplements, nutrition, health care products. With the improvement of people's living standard, this kind of gift is not in line with the mainstream of life now. Leather goods, as a kind of fashion, durable, practical life items gradually take the place of the above mentioned products leather gift has become the present gifts of choice. Leather gift generally includes: the leather notebook, leather purse, leather leather business card package, leather leather card package, leather leather key bag key chain, leather leather U disk, etc. This kind of common leather leather products. So how do you know the material of leather gift? In case to friends, customers, love went wrong? Now used in the leather factory is based on leather cowhide, sheepskin, pigskin, horse skin and so on. Leather is divided into three kinds of material: head skin, leather and microfiber leather on the second floor. Head skin refers to the raw skin of various animals, thicker cortex of cattle, pigs, horses and other animals skin after hair removal cut into two layers, the upper part of the fibrous tissue closely belongs to the first layer of skin, the first layer of skin and commonly known as genuine leather, the first layer of leather handmade leather gift class is high and the price is more expensive. Skin on the second floor is the second part of the animal leather fibers chemical material spraying or complex on PVC, PU film, strictly speaking, on the second floor leather also belongs to the dermis, but feel is relative to the head skin for cheaper prices. Microfiber leather scientific name for polyurethane, wear-resisting breathable, and not easy ageing, made into leather gift, medium quality low price. Guangzhou leather factory guangzhou yao da group co. , LTD. ( BOMKOO) Is a 18 years leather OEM& Yao da ODM professional leather goods manufacturers, guangzhou leather factory to break the traditional leather manufacturing mode, introduce the advanced thoughts and ideas in production and management of the factory, except in the pursuit of perfect technology and quality, at the same time also pay attention to the communication with customers, pay attention to service, adhering to the & other Manufacturing attentively, sincere cooperation, win-win and mutual benefit, common development & throughout; To provide leather overall solution, became the most worry, most customers trust of leather OEM/OEM/OEM factory. Guangzhou yao da leather factory commitment & other; Do leather attentively, integrity and win-win & throughout; , look forward to cooperation with you, to join hands in creating brilliant leather!
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