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The practice of leather handbags of oil and the quality difference

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-11
Abstract: oil edge quality leather handbags, determines the grade of leather bag. Oil to each have differences, which led to the quality difference. Oil, leather bag is on the edge of the bag, the incision of each piece of leather with leather edge oil glue, thereby conceal incision, and at the same time improve the leather bag is beautiful. How about the quality of a leather bag, in addition to the leather, hardware, manual, the edge of the oil quality is extremely important. Oil color match, good texture, smooth, smooth side of oil, natural and full of oil, can make leather bags more perfect. Perfect oil side, from the edge to the quality of the oil, more oil from the above methods and technique. Bag manufacturer in guangzhou, the commonly used ones are there are two kinds of methods of oil above ( Here mainly said artificial oil, above does not include the above machine oil) 。 Oil is a kind of edge daub on leather handbags incision, one kind is through oil bucket above oil. Two different methods, to make the quality of the effect is very different. Daub the way, is the edge oil through the bamboo or iron sign directly thick daub on the incision. Such as oil, do it with high efficiency, low cost, look stiff inflexible, colour and lustre degree is low, line feeling is quite poor. Is a lot of common and low-grade leather bags, PU bags, PVC bags commonly used methods. Oil and oil pipe on the edge, is the oil pipe, after repeated grinding, oiling, let the edge oil bit by bit to infiltrate leather, with leather. Oil pipe above the oil, the process is longer, the artificial cost is larger, so the cost is high, mostly in high-grade leather bags, PU bags, PVC bags. That how do consumers know their own oil side of the leather bag is how to do? The first is to look at the color, line feeling. Secondly, according to the experience of many, such as some bags, oil has a large area of the whole article falls off, once appear rupture, so, this bag, nine times out of ten is the oil edge daub way. So, leather bags, customized, when choosing a handbag factory in guangzhou, must take into account cost of edge oil process, to talk about and guangzhou bag manufacturer.
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