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The pink dream of great match - - - Guangzhou leather factory yao da leather factory

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-03
Abstract: the tie-in pink bag? In outstanding individual character today, delicate small bags has become the first choice, also from the original black color, classic color development to a variety of color such as red gathered under longitudinal color alternate more popular, the 2015 back to the very feminine color & ndash; — Pink, pink bag how to match? First to comply with a pink bag of collocation, the color of the dress not to be too fancy, also not more than three colors. Because belong to light pink color, are generally preferred the collocation with is the color of light color, such as white, powder blue, pale orange, nude, etc. Pink is more beautiful, partial tender of a kind of color, so the overall effect is more beautiful, not too heavy, generally fair maiden wind, toward, temperament wind can tie-in pink bags. Fair maiden wind generally choose to modify the dress with small leather shoes, mei red skirt + white shoes, or powder blue skirt + + black or white skirt cute little white shoes, leather and protruding women's gentle temperament, so the overall look is very beautiful, generous ~ ~ toward a generally choose the upper dust coat or long cardigan, under wearing a pencil pants, or a straightforward class leisure trousers, shoes is white and pink best sports shoes, really obvious and easy, delicate and pretty, exotic feeling oh ~ ~ temperament wind, han edition class loose sweater with short sleeves are all very good, the collocation of beige, brown, or white, gray, color is temperament, in a short skirt with respect to ok, very temperamental goddess oh ~ pink bag is a good match, color saturation is not high, so as long as don't flowers, can not let whole is too heavy. Pink soft and bright, is the color of many mm love, represents the girl's dream of color. Pink suit to the skin white tender women, can foil a white tender skin smooth, but it is not suitable for yellow skin, black women wear. In fact maybe the difference of pink also particularly big, pink can also be subdivided peach powder, orange powder, naked powder, meat powder, want to wear characteristics, might as well just how seriously compare between different pink color. Guangzhou leather factory yao da leather factory of each product to do one's best is, to the United States, the glimmer of all request to attain of the products. All products are through strict quality inspection, each product can shine out of fashion, elegant, gorgeous charming temperament.
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