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The important things in guangzhou bag manufacturer must say, the features and advantages of leather

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-02
Guangzhou bag manufacturer leather processing leather custom, have the luxury of crocodile handbag order, leather handbag machining, the first layer leather men's bags, leather bags, belts factory belt factory. Guangzhou bag factory in the actual production process to further explore the characteristics of the leather, the important things yao guangzhou bag manufacturer of leather factory must say! Under the contracted agitation restoring ancient ways, popular time crazy horse leather bag bag around. Yao guangzhou bag manufacturer of leather factory workshop production of a batch of and a group of crazy horse leather briefcase, summarized in the actual production to the characteristics of the crazy horse leather. Crazy horse leather surface have disorder of trace, like scratches, came up and can take on the base of color changing effect, this is the characteristics of crazy horse leather. The characteristics of the vegetable tanning leather is environmental protection, natural, raw, retain the characteristics of the original leather, but it also has the property of stress after prone to trace. Plant tanned leather surface will be a cow in the growth process of grain, scar, mark, mark, in the process of making and using, inevitably there will be some traces, as use will be more and more soft and light, with restoring ancient ways, features even with traces will be integrated into the leather face, into the years leave a mark. Important things yao guangzhou bag manufacturer of leather factory must say, leather leather not washed, such as accidentally wet, please use dry towel blot moisture, dry and ventilated place shade. Leather leather goods in when not in use, must be properly stored in a dry environment, in order to prevent mold, if you need to clean, can have leather cleaner, special leather care to store or dispose of them.
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