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The girl method how to choose suits own bag

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-07-04
We choose anything, don't because it's cheap, or good, just to buy, we want to choose suits own thing can only be, this is the best, the bag is the same, so the girl how to choose suits own bag what is method? Let fashion handbag custom-made below small make up to explain for us. 1 and I felt bag style to style as simple as possible, but must have fine detail, and the good work, a rough handbags no matter how to also won't have aesthetic feeling. I like soft bag, I don't like the hard bag. And a lot of people think will carry a big pack clothes in winter, summer wear to back a little less, actually I think the opposite, winter wear more should carry a small bag, can balance the visual, lest appear fat; And summer wear less is carrying a big bag, unapt appear light, also for balance. It is important, try not to anticline is summer shoulder bag, particularly plump women. 2, the color, of course, is to look pleasing to the eye color ~ as pure as possible, and tie-in, should according to the clothes, don't carry a bag and clothes color the same or close to, and would rather pass back in red green package don't wear yellow dress is carrying a yellow bag, so silly, I think. But except for black and white. 3, quality of a material, of course, it is best to cortex. But considering the cost, as long as the quality of a material is good, rags, orto texture can absolutely do nothing good bags. But you'd better color is gorgeous and deep packet choose sheepskin, light color choose leather is better. In short, clothes can not, a sincere satisfied bag is absolutely cannot little! Or a suit of clothes also will become a piece of white paper. 4 if you are a pursuit of fashion, clothing and bag girl, love to wear clothes fashion colour, it should choose and fashionable color coordinated fashion handbags; If you love pure color clothes, it's time to give yourself some colorful and fancy package. If love to wear t-shirts, sweatshirts and boyish clothing, choose the nylon, plastic, thick canvas category & quot; Hard bags & quot; ; If love woven shirts, dress shirts, etc girlish dress, it's time to match some bud silk, linen or soft cotton & quot; Soft bag & quot; . Of course, transform the fabric, the quality of a material of package also needs to change accordingly. 5, face shape and bags if you have a clear facial features, the eyebrow peak, prominent cheekbones and taste a little boy's face, had better choose striped with masculine fashion handbags; With gentle eyes, nose, round, oval faces girl very girl, had better choose cute bag with beads, sequins. 6. Height and bag if prefer large package, it must consider height. In more than 4125 px height girl, optional stretches approximately 1500 px, vertical dress into a magazine fashion handbags; And below the height of 3925 px, optional stretches approximately 1250 px, can cross dress into a magazine. If you'd like to know more about the girl how to choose suits own bag method of information, you can click on the fashion female package customized web page for browsing!
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