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The distinguish of female bag class skills just need to know these three recruit

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-07-15
Any one product, it is a certain level, it can be divided into a lot of kinds, can be divided into low and high, but if we want to distinguish, is to master certain skills, or can easily be cheated by unscrupulous businessmen, handbag, too, so the identify of female bag class skills just need to know that 3? Which is 3 money? Let female bag processing small below details for us. 1. See appearance, view details! Look at the sample package, the production of large goods, picked up a bag, look at whether valid your aesthetic appearance, generally strong handbag factory has hired some experienced designers, design the bags will be according to certain proportion of people's aesthetic standards. Attention should be paid to see the details of the bag at the same time, through some details can roughly know how the female bag manufacturer's quality, how to know its class. Look line! This mainly reflects the bag details, if there is a bend, walk lines for jump needle, break line, line spacing is beautiful, it is also very good reflect the grade of the bag, the deeper the reflect handbag factory qc doing? 2. Touch! Feel, weight! When you into a handbag factory, get a bag, after touching the bag fabric, awareness about the handle, the feel is very comfortable to touch and leather fabrics, the grade of the bag is generally good, general descriptions this handbag factory has a production scale better bags. You mention a few more different styles of handbags, perception of the component, if you clearly know the feeling of the component is not common, that means the handbag factory production quality has some security, not cut corners. 3. See hardware accessories, zipper, the material! Tell the class of the bag can also look at hardware accessories, zipper, etc. Generally speaking, the integral style of the hardware, the color should be keep consistent with the integral style of the bag, surface oxidation phenomenon. It is also a bag class to distinguish important aspect. The above is about the distinguish of female bag class skills just need to know these three recruit, hope to be able to help you, more details please consult the female bag processing.
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