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The difference between the first layer of skin and second skin have what different?

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-07-21
We all know, female bag production material, is divided into a lot of kinds, the difference between different materials, are not the same, and their prices, are far worse, but we want to see what is the material, so the difference between the first layer of leather and leather on the second floor have what different? Let the female bag custom below small make up details for us. Head skin is surface layer of the dermis, the first layer of skin is relatively thin some price is high, make furniture is comfortable and soft. Generally the first layer is more than 10 yuan a square foot every one. Below the layer of the skin is on the second floor leather. On the second floor leather cheaper, more hard, on the market is also very common, generally on the second floor leather 4 - 6 yuan per square foot. 。 The distinction between skin and second skin, is to observe the longitudinal section of skin fiber density. Head skin by fiber layer is thick and thin and excessive closely together slightly loose layer to form; 2 are only loose skin layer of fibrous tissue, spraying chemical raw materials or polishing processing. Relax after the leather can be folded in half, wrinkles disappear immediately is cowhide, wrinkles disappear not bonded leather. If you'd like to know more about what the difference between the first layer of skin and skin on the second floor has a different information, you can click on the female bag custom web page to browse!
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