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The choice of how smart designer leather

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-22
Abstract: with the progress of the society development, people more and more rich, high prices of designer handbags is considered by many to be a status as well as the important composition of the taste, such as in recent years, China's outbound tourists is loving a lot of big brand leather goods, in the stores often have waiting in line to buy bags of tourists. However, because of the big brand handbags prices high, so there are many undesirable businessman to generic for interests, so how do you the right to buy the right quality goods bag? In the yao da leather co. , LTD provide several identification methods for the general BaoYou lovers, for your reference. If you have more questions, please visit WWW. bomkoo。 Com to consult. A big brand, brand web site real leather bags must have their own official website, before buying must into the corresponding brand bag's website to take a closer look at the introduction of leather bags and major details even identify the authenticity of, put the right bag types, series and name tag. Search went bags store address, write down the website customer service telephone, so that you can consult customer service at any time. Second, the brand leather is very well-known, high-grade brand leather valuable, a purse price can run thousands of even tens of thousands of yuan. But please remember that buyers must not be showed, because generally speaking, leather book will have a very very old brand, price of goods in specialty stores and counters selling won't have too big difference. Third, pay attention to the parallel import is borrowed many brand bags in addition to outside the brand counters or store to buy, can also be in other shops to buy. First understand the concept of parallel import and trading: trading is by the manufacturer or import goods; Rather than by the manufacturer or agent import goods is called parallel import goods, parallel import is commonly known as the goods & other; Gray & throughout; 。 Gray it is possible that the original quality goods, but far more available in cheap. But must pay attention to the brand stores or counters for trading the free maintenance and after-sales service to pick up the goods. Four. Check the quality if you already have a crush on a leather or leather bags, so please be sure to payment Jian carefully check the seams of the leather lining, side handle, hardware accessories, zippers have abnormalities. No payment after the quality problem and cause unnecessary disputes. Also some gray shop and sell new and used leather goods brand, so choosing goods, be careful care and be sure to ask the clerk clearly. Of course. The best way is to have authorized store or shop to buy. Yao da leather co. , LTD. Is a focus OEM& ODM processing, leather bags custom, OEM business, has 18 years of production and processing all kinds of test of real leather, leather industry leader, is your best choice!
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