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The birth of the previous existence of leather bags for this leather bag

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-11
Abstract: leather handbags as a man of the story, all along the way. Guangzhou leather factory guangzhou yao da leather co. , LTD with everyone to have a look at previous existence in this leather bag. Hi, everybody! I through bag bag, also some people call me leather handbags. My family is a branch of leather leather large family. My father grandma's face grandma grandmother was born in Europe in the 18th century aristocratic family of, so, I also is famous for the door. But ah, my grandma and progenitor of the progenitor of grandma's grandmother, and I don't quite the same as now. At that time, popular in European aristocrats with their wavy skirt to take part in all kinds of ball banquets, often need some can dress up lipstick perfume etc. Personal belongings of the bag and the like. This is her, mesh & other; Handbags & throughout; 。 Soon, more and more noble and fashionable personage without my father grandma father grandma grandmother, and set the animal fur - my father grandpa's grandpa's grandpa, tie the knot with her. This grant good marriage, let our family bloodline more noble, my father grandma and grandpa progenitor BeiEr all promotion and jue for leather handbags. They figure look more beautiful rich rise, no longer confined to the mesh. Rise in the 20th century, as a result of cigarette, leaves a small cigarette case as the ladies at communication places an ornament, small box type bag act the role ofing and be put into the market in great quantities, my ancestors who followed the trend of The Times, many people will practice their bodies for box type, in this way, formal leather bag. Since then, my grandparents were reserved for a long time like this, at the same time, our family thriving, more and more members. ( Unfinished, to be continued)
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