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Thai local tyrants of mother and child in China show luxury handbags

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-16
Abstract: guangzhou leather factory yao da for the customer production and processing all kinds of leather men's bags, leather bags, covering all kinds of middle and high class. Take a high-grade leather handbags, the most simple can directly reflect a person's state of the economy, guangzhou leather factory yao da, luxury brand bags are those who love to flaunt wealth. Recently, the major attractions in Beijing and Shanghai appeared a pair of strange mother and son. They have many brands and luxury high-profile strange color outfit, and alternative camera pose let them gain a lot of attention. The mother and child is not others, but from a very famous in Thailand & other; Web celebrity mother-child & throughout; , son call Peepy, his mother is called Lee. They like to travel, came to China in the recent, mother and child, two people clock in Shanghai and Beijing each big scenic spot, and the first drying out on personal social platform, drew fans qi qi onlookers. The modelling of the acclaimed that they play in Disney's wear, photo of mother and son two people wearing flamboyant red green color, deserve to go up the fluorescent color LV bag, and the iconic face action, distinctive modelling and alternative. But these do not impede their in China & other; Big show luxury & throughout; Designer handbags, designer glasses, every detail is full of local tyrants breath. Travel is not just in China is such, daily painting style is quite luxury and both mother and son & other; In gas & throughout; 。 Exactly how much they & other; Fosse & throughout; And look at their home. Compared to carry the household articles for use, bags and fashion clothing, accessories, is the true love Peepy mother and child. Also, compared with the giants socialite sun out & other Just a & throughout; Wardrobe designer bags, Peepy mountain hermes photos of mother and baby picture absolutely too & other; Stimulation & throughout; Even hang on the Christmas tree is also various luxury brand! So was the netizens crown & other; Throughout the universe up to hermes blogger &; 。 The local tyrants and stair is not just the stairs in the home, but by his own dubbed & other; Hermes heaven ladder & throughout; , from his record daily vlog captures a casually, full screen in gas let people did. Of course these packages is Peepy more than one man's treasure, some of his mother when young & other; Trophy & throughout; , to now the price also does not poor. Appear online flaunt wealth waves, the flattering things a striking resemblance: involve designer handbags. In the previous article, guangzhou leather factory yao is mentioned, bags, leather bags, in particular, has been a symbol of status and taste. In ancient times, leather bag is a representative of the aristocrat, nowadays the society, though not rich leather bag exclusive, but remains a symbol of taste, is still popular. Guangzhou leather factory yao da for the customer production and processing all kinds of leather men's bags, leather bags, fine workmanship, elegant taste, more suitable for modern style, willing to make everyone has a suitable leather handbags.
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