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Tanning of edge grinding method is introduced - Guangzhou yao da leather leather manufacturer in guangzhou

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-16
Abstract: leather edge grinding is one of the most basic skills in making handmade leather goods, is also a test of technical skills, a smooth level off the edge of the need is enough patience and skill. Specific methods vary from person to person, however, use of tools, methods will also be different. Below leather manufacturer in guangzhou guangzhou yao da leather to explain leather polishing method on the basis of the edge and edge banding. Everyone from the specific shape, and there will be a little difference in the figure, the influence of arc such as the thickness, etc. ; But basically can be thought of as roughly the same range. In the case of laminated; The edge of the laminated after, need to take the edge smooth, or it will lead to the edge of the uneven or glue line after sealing side is obvious. According to the thickness of the leather, choose the suitable cutting edge, cut out a chamfering. If you need a rounded edge, only need to cut out a small chamfer. Take a piece of sandpaper, coarse grinding of about 280 mu; With his thumb and forefinger, above and below the fingers to form an Angle & ang; 。 Appropriate adjustment point of view, on the edge of the cut is rubbed, don't need ground is too hard, as long as the initial contour in the shape of grinding out. Cotton fabric with cotton cloth edge will wipe wet, be not too wet, try not to penetrate the leather surface. Continue to burnish, requires repeated during the wet wipe, repeated exposure. There is a good edge grinding, cock with chamfered edge cut to gently. Or use sand paper single action down at an Angle, grinding the edge of the cock away. Note that this line of cock, is known as a dividing line, the line of flush after sealing side of the beautiful degree have very important influence. After repeated grinding, grinding has good desired shape, round edge. Again will wipe wet edges. With 600 or 800 object of sand paper polishing. Until edges smooth to the touch. On bed surface treating agent or sealing side edge treatment agent such as liquid; Then use polished rod inosculation highest groove grinding back and forth, don't overweight. If you are good enough at the edge of the form grinding, can be directly with cloth to grinding, because of the polished rod sometimes damage to edge shape. Edge grinding wax is to enhance edge durability of one option, but because a hard edge grinding wax itself, easy to damage to the edge shape, be very careful. To polish on the edge of the wax, if the wax coating, can quickly with lighter roast again after polishing. More than guangzhou leather manufacturers introduce guangzhou yao da leather tanning of edge grinding method we get here? Guangzhou leather factory is an guangzhou yao da leather leather leather OEM& focus; Leather leather branded bag manufacturer in guangzhou, to provide customers at home and abroad, in the high-grade leather handbag OEM, genuine leather handbag OEM OEM ODM, leather leather, leather, leather leather handbag OEM, leather handbags, leather handbags OEM, sticking a card leather handbags ODM and other leather handbag processing services, is the famous guangzhou leather handbags leather bag manufacturers.
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