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Taboo and maintenance - leather gloves - - Guangzhou yao da leather leather manufacturer in guangzhou

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-12
Abstract: leather gloves in winter to keep warm what is tasted, collocation is clever at the same time also can let you increase the aura and fashion, the following will follow in guangzhou guangzhou yao da leather leather goods manufacturers up to learn how to maintain leather gloves! General leather gloves to avoid most afraid of several conditions: first, avoid water: water swells, soft leather fibre, distorts the gloves. Second, avoid is baked: after gloves be affected with damp be affected with damp, should be put in ventilated, dry place, let the water to evaporate as quickly as possible, avoid by all means exposure or with the fire roasted, in case of leather hardening embrittlement. Three, avoid the dirt: wipe clean gloves, you should use dry cloth to wipe the dirt on the leather, coating maintenance oil again. Four, avoid pressure: can make the gloves on the surface of the leather elasticity is damaged, exterior modelling also affected. Leather gloves if accidentally touched the water, should first with a soft cloth wipe gently, and then put in ventilated place dry, unfavorable baking and exposure. Or you will make the leather damage, harden and gloves must maintain oil on remember after processing, so that we can make gloves to restore luster and flexibility. Leather gloves if you do not often use, place the custody, should be put on maintenance oil ( Do not use the leather shoes oil) , you can put some mouldproof moistureproof agent inside lining, then put in plastic bags to avoid dust, collection where you don't be squeezed into a cool, dry can. Leather gloves for a long time in mothballs, the time is long leather will harden, also easy to damage. Need to wipe, often only need a thin layer to maintain oil can make gloves to save a certain hardness and shape, and once again feel very comfortable when wearing. Guangzhou yao da leather in 18 years has been to provide clients with high quality leather leather production ( Leather gloves production/leather handbags production) , leather leather processing ( Leather handbags machining/leather gloves) , leather leather goods contract ( Leather handbag OEM/OEM) leather gloves , leather leather OEM ( Leather handbag OEM/OEM) leather gloves , leather leather stick a card, Branded leather handbags branded/leather bag) , leather leather ODM ( Leather handbags ODM ODM/leather bag) Service, welcome new and old customers to come to discuss the consultation.
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