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Spring is the collocation is the most suitable for small bag

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-07-26
For our girls, not only in seeing beautiful bag to purchase, at the time of change season, also want to buy bags, spring is suitable with small bags, this is the most suitable, why do you say that! Because look more eye-catching, less bulky. Let fashion handbag custom-made below small make up to talk to us. 1, the ornament of metal chain to make the design simple bags, look immediately have contemporary feeling, collocation of knitting sweater and plush hat, also can appear warm in the warm spring fashion and do not break lovely. 2, knee plaid skirt, collocation of grey tights, lovely round head shoes, on the back of the most popular this year green small bags, if feel the breath of spring, and then in an instant by wearing a beret trend up. 3, the fair maiden wind sweet bag, small cute, tie-in long sweater, leggings, simple a pedal, reveal the fair maiden breath everywhere, the so-called fair maiden, gentleman good qiu, this small bag but the bedrock of love. 4, this color no matter at any time is but the color of the magical color joker atmosphere, can be solemn, can also be playful, with long black sweater show in shape, as well as very fashionable, such collocation is how can miss?
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