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Spring is coming, let's go to travel backpack - guangzhou guangzhou yao da leather leather goods manufacturer

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-18
Abstract: let's go to travel, during the spring scenery, pleasant climate. With a long-term vision for the New Year good, back favorite joker backpack, garden landscape, across the street, lane, chat with a stranger, eat dish, around the world before we broadly but cheerful, absorb enough to enrage and broaden the field of vision will be more conducive to improve work effectiveness. If ready to own best girlfriends, friends set out, then to go. 1 early spring lijiang beauty like it just wake up, lazy halcyon, and the glow and vitality. Go under the clear sky, look how small. Gentle wind, melodious folk music, feel the replacement a new life. Decorate into a warm cafe at night will easily converted into a single backpack bag with shoulder straps, deserve to go up charming dress, instant amorous feelings. 2 golden color reminds you of the desert trip, finding it heaven and earth, sand blow test a man's will. Travel light, a solid pace, walking through the footprints in the back has no track record, can do is go forward, firm faith. Brain rises countless images, inspiration inspiration, this is a beautiful journey dialogue with their depth. 3 that spring, uncle came back from the distant place, take you to see the sea. You back a backpack that printed with flowers, wearing embroidered dress, took his brother's hand joyfully with uncle. Dusk shrouded morning sea, the sun rises in the east, you stare at sea level, the grand and magnificent sight, like a bunch of flame in the heart, a long time into tears. 4 youth with stubborn growth, has been sticking to the development of their individuality, often whim. Wake up in the strange city unfamiliar hotel, breathing the air of totally different from the familiar city, the inside of the heart gradually understand oneself is a drift of the person you like, you also did not forget even during business trips with the weekly multifunctional backpack. May like to travel alone, this estimate is associated with childhood special independent personality. Strangers meet fun on the trip, go comes talk of a companion, and distributed to each other when need respectively, never stick is not bound, also don't ask whether need to keep in touch. You have on the five-arched passed with a moving eyes, quietly to his back on the camera. 6 in the cage bird never is your state of life, like nature, free to grow and have unfettered soul. At work has been planned to go mountain climbing, to work meet the multi-worlds counterparts, on the way to Harbin, few words at the top of the mountain is the lights on, overlooking the night in the city, as if place oneself from the world with joy. Work 7 years later return to school, you still love when students feel. From the classroom more than thirty minutes' walk to the place to go, you will need to book the class in the large capacity backpack, bathed in sunlight to walk. The bright contrast color design, as you always keep a young heart. 8 holiday go to museum exhibition, passing interest boutiques, attracts a Peking Opera backpack, buy without hesitation. Birth, and at the end of the, net, ugly people all wear China outfit colourful clothing, vivid, tire especially. Such a rich ethnic flavor, later will be relied on it to add garment style.
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