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Selection and maintenance of custom-made leather bags

Selection and maintenance of custom-made leather bags


For the selection of styles, you should respect the choice of the market, and combine the actual situation of your own factory, and then refer to the market research data customized by the leather handbags to select the model. This sheep can choose the product style that the consumer really needs, so that is the leather bags. The correct development path of the enterprise.

So what data should we investigate? It mainly includes the size, color, texture, leather material, popular elements, opening method, use requirements, etc. of the leather bag products. Only after the data of these important influencing factors of the customized pu leather handbags are investigated and cleared, can it be changed. Only by accurately grasping the development direction of the leather goods market can we continue to maintain market competitiveness.

The survey of these data should be collected about two months in advance, to allow more time for the development of leather product models, firmly grasp the market trends of customized leather bags, and be ready to develop new models at any time.

Share with you bag maintenance skills

Many customers have ccustomized fashion pu leather handbags, but they do not know how to maintain them, which is also a tangled thing. Today, Yaoda Leather Products Factory will give you some knowledge about the maintenance of leather bags. Polishing and waxing are only part of the routine maintenance of the leather bag. Take care not to expose it to fire, roast, squeeze, and touch sharp objects to prevent the leather bag from deforming, discoloring, or scratching.

Don't use care oil often, just use it once a month because it is used as a chemical, and it also has certain side effects. It has both maintenance and corrosion effects. In addition, it is not appropriate to use shoe polish casually. If you accidentally get wet, you can use a dry towel to absorb the water first, and then stuff some newspapers, magazines and the like in the shade. Do not expose it directly to the sun, it will make your beloved bag fade and deform. .

These are some small knowledge summed up in the leather manufacturing factory's many years of experience in manufacturing leather goods, I hope to help you better maintain your love bag. If you are interested in customized woman pu leather handbags, welcome to Yaoda leather . We can not only customize a bag suitable for you, but also popularize more knowledge of leather bag maintenance.

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