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by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-07-24
Has a variety of products in production is now been products, has a variety of products, is that it is more convenient, has a variety of products, is now with many kinds of products were people better to understand that, in the present can undertake production products, with the existence of a variety of products is to make people's life and work is more convenient, existing handbags exists in the present is more bags of different style, then follow the bag factory to see how to care for bags. Leather care is a technical work, if can not accurately identify the types of leather, or choose leather, tools, improper nursing operation technology, no home, blind operation, will result in severe damage to leather, cause irreparable economic losses. So do leather beauty, first of all have to pass strict technical training, learn to leather species identification, according to the different kinds of leather, smudgy degree, damage degree, colour and lustre, quality, style, make corresponding nursing operation process. Leather on general leather products best regular maintenance of oil, the oil in a clean cotton cloth, then wipe the surface evenly and don't rub oil directly on the leather goods, leather goods so it is easy to damage. But note that because of the different choice of leather maintains oil is also different, use it's best to ask the cortex, and then to maintain oil daub is on the bottom of the bag or inside is not obvious, to test whether it can apply. Luxury leather goods, but also as a baby's tender skin, need more meticulous care. Above is the small make up to collect about bag manufacturers have more want to know, please consult the WWW. yaxiapiju1688. com。
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