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Rainy weather on leather leather goods manufacturers have what effect?

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-02
Abstract: leather handbag, leather men's bags, leather belt and a series of leather leather goods, due to the nature of the raw material characteristics and processing methods, dependent on the weather degree higher than a lot of industrial products. The rainy weather on leather leather production will have what kind of impact? Once in summer, rain is regularly in guangdong, the recent typhoon is one by one, the weather is more hot and wet. In such weather, the guangdong leather leather factory production more or less will be affected by some. What is that these effects? Why leather leather production and be affected by the weather is so big? It from genuine leather handbag, leather men's bags, leather belts and other leather leather characteristics. As we all know, leather leather goods, mode of production is based on manual processing is given priority to, there is a guangdong leather leather factory. Leather leather industry production, of course, the introduction of more and more mechanical equipment, such as leather measuring machine, computer, etc. , but this does not change its main processing way. Moreover, in the production of various kinds of leather handbags, leather handbags, want to rely on a lot of glue to glue. Moist environment, it will affect the extent of the glue dry. Guangdong leather leather manufacturer in this case, through the appropriate baking to accelerate the speed of the glue. So, the weather have an effect on glue, only influence is limited. The weather on leather handbag, leather men's bags, leather belt and so on the impact of these leather products mainly from where? That is: the oil side! Humid environment, the oil side how to dry, are the most headaches leather leather factory in guangdong. Because oil has to be dry naturally, cannot use any resources, such as baking, hot air blowing, only in this way, the oil side to ensure quality, can from inside to outside to dry. So, when subjected to a continuous rain, if coupled with the low temperature, leather handbag, leather men's bags, leather belt can only see a day eating. Guangdong leather leather goods manufacturers to ensure product quality, this case will show a case to the customer in time, as far as possible allow sufficient time for the oil and dry. Guangzhou yao da leather co. , LTD is committed to leather leather for more than 20 years, has a wealth of leather handbag, leather men's bags, leather belt production experience, the weather will be to minimize the impact on production, is one of the most trusted of leather leather factory in guangdong.
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