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Pockets of fashion charm

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-04
Abstract: waterproof leather wallets, purses, printed bags, bags of personalization, like fashion bags, you must want to know about the recent trend direction & other; Pockets & throughout; 。 Recently photographed a star street dress, with pockets that grabs an eye, blow a upsurge of pockets. Purse was actually a package is fixed at the waist, its small volume, convenient to carry. By now, purse color is rich, functional diversity, suitable for the use of travel and daily life, gradually appeared frequently in our field of vision. Guangzhou leather factory guangzhou yao da leather co. , LTD focus on leather production for many years, share wonderful leather handbags, sheet and various kinds of leather goods. Earliest, purse is used to put personal items, with the change of demand, the function of the wallet pocket shape change, material and color variety, commonly used genuine leather, Oxford spinning, nylon fabric, printed denim, canvas, etc. To the function of pockets, waterproof, practicability, personalized bag and so on. Such as athletes more favorite leisure sports waterproof pockets, canvas purse, etc. Purse back method also each has its own characteristics, classic style, modest purse is in different position, the waist can hang in the middle; Also can hang in the side of the waist, back, modern degree opening up; One shoulder ku in front of the shoulders, back, hand carry. Can be worn on the chest, back, back a diverse style, how to play the definition of fashion style to each person is different, pockets of fashion development performance in the pursuit of better things, high requirements for quality of life. Guangzhou yao da leather do leather attentively, pursuing perfection of technology and quality, ensure the quality of each bag.
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