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Pink Leather Luggage - Proper Storage and Care

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-05-02
It took you a long time to find just the perfect pink leather luggage set that matched your own personal sense of style and fashion, now make sure that you give it the tender love and care that it not only needs but deserves. You want to be able to count on the fact that your pink luggage set looks great and is ready to go at a moments notice whether it be for a quick weekend getaway or a month long vacation to France. Most of us are aware that to properly maintain our pink leather luggage we need to have a regular maintenance routine consisting of leather cleaner and conditioner every 4 or 5 months. But that is as far as most of us go and we are not aware of the importance that proper storage has on not only extending the useful life of our pink luggage but also in retaining its beauty. Any storage considerations involving leather are all based on the premise that leather of any kind is in fact a breathable skin, if not properly taken care of it can crack and dry out if allowed to. Most of us naturally want to protect our nice expensive pink luggage as best as we can and without really thinking about it we try to do so by wrapping it in a nice big plastic bag to keep out grime and dust when we will not be using it for a while and are storing it. Here is the lesson, do not ever wrap your leather luggage in any type of plastic bag, for any period of time, it does not allow the leather to breathe properly and can cause it dry out and crack, and even worse in the case of brightly colored leather such as pink leather luggage it can start to discolour. To properly protect your leather luggage use a soft breathable cloth bag to cover it. In fact many of the higher quality leather bags come with their own breathable protective bags to be used for storage. When finding a place to store your pink leather bag look for a place that is cool and dry. Make sure to keep it away from dry heat sources such as the furnace room and do not place it near radiators and stoves. All of these will slowly dry out the leather and start it to crack affecting its strength and life. On the opposite end of the scale you should also avoid storing your leather luggage in a place that is to humid or damp as this can encourage the growth of mold and bacteria.
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