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Paper's role in custom-made leather bag

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-11
Abstract: whether do leather bags, PU bags, PVC bags, or canvas bag, all need to do paper, paper, important, no doubt, guangzhou leather factory yao da leather factory count paper's role. Each part of the paper, main effect is to identify the bag size and shape of work piece, now computer plate-making already very popular, many return paper on computer graphics, before go out, paper, electronic map for paper size description of the lattice elements can let the teacher to the design of bag have a good handle. General sample started out in the first round of paper, try to make plate according to the actual shape of the sample after modified paper lattice; After playing paper, when put together into a complete bag paper case, it is easy to find the paper pattern of existing problems, and to make cutting easily adjusted. Paper confirmed began to officially make sample, sample customers do after confirm the order, then die cutter model of cutting bed, etc. , are designed according to the paper, one way. Paper is one of the most important in leather processing mould, is also making leather sample process procedure. Guangzhou yew leather factory, 23 years of experience in leather proofing, paper design experience, professional custom custom make all kinds of leather handbags, handbags OEM, welcome to visit our factory.
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