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Overseas act as purchasing agency to do overseas act as purchasing agency designer handbags considerations for guangzhou leather factory yao da leather factory remind you

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-15
Abstract: guangzhou leather factory yao da leather factory ( OEM contract/DOM) ( BOMKOO) Guangzhou handbag factory is a 18 years focus on leather OEM OEM & amp; ODM leather products professional manufacturers. The company has been committed to leather products OEM OEM/ODM business. Our main products are men's bags, women bags, handbags, briefcases, purses, belts, wallets, rod box, etc. At the same time also can provide various product customization: handbags customization, men's bags, handbag, belt customization, etc. As the world especially in Europe and the United States economy downward, European and American luxury brands in order to attract customers and began almost crazy shopping discounts. This time if you want to buy luxury right hand generation or other leather products, compared with usual is quite cost-effective. But in domestic, but how to go shopping to enjoy the European and American luxury handbags leather products right? Under this trend, the rapid development of overseas act as purchasing agency, this act as purchasing agency can help you to solve the countries can also buy the European and American luxury handbags handbags. So we must have a question? Overseas act as purchasing agency when we want to do? And must pay attention to what? Today, yao yao da leather manufacturer of leather factory to share. To act as purchasing agency first, of course, need to find reliable or individual act as purchasing agency web site, if you have any friends who can act as purchasing agency abroad of course better, taobao has many professional buy on sb's behalf, you can go to understand, must be good communication can you provide the invoice before payment, exchange rates, etc. This is to prevent the one thousand dispute and need good evidence. Act as purchasing agency for a commission to buy on sb's behalf, that how to charge? Can have a standard? Under normal circumstances, the international purchasing of specific methods for fee collection is: act as purchasing agency = total cost us the commodity prices ( Website plain code marks a price) + domestic freight ( Website plain code marks a price) + domestic consumption ( Up to 9% of commodity prices, more than 10 dollars can reasonable avoidance) + act as purchasing agency service charge ( Commodity price + domestic freight + consumption tax) × 10%) + international freight ( The total of goods and packaging pounds & times; 5. $5) + insurance fees ( Commodity value 0%, 3%, 5% three standard, please customers choose) , but the above is just normally algorithm, different act as purchasing agency have different charges, and the above calculation will have discrepancy, but should not be too big. It is recommended to use pay treasure, wealth payment platform, such as to ensure acceptance of the goods after full payment. But bought a defective is few sellers provide receipts, the consequence is late after-sales maintenance is not very good guarantee. So want to buy on sb's behalf must consider good, weigh the pros and cons. But luxury handbags and other leather products quality is reliable. The probability of occurrence quality problem, it should not. There is also a need to know the common sense, it is the same bag or leather products, in different parts of the purchase price is not the same, act as purchasing agency website general reference of luxury handbags leather products or the value of the website. But there will be a price difference between individuals act as purchasing agency, these belong to the normal situation. As long as you want to communicate clearly before buying, in order to avoid disputes after purchase.
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